ekoWorx Spray Mop Pro + 2 Mop Pads

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The all-new ekoWorx Spray Mop Pro!

* 40% Bigger cleaning pad

* 500ml Spray Container

* Sturdy heavy duty construction

* Unparalleled floor cleaning


Six reasons why you need the ekoWorx Spray Mop Pro!

EASIER - our mop is just 2kg in weight so no bad backs lifting heavy buckets and mops. Avoid injury and OHS issues!

FASTER - We’ve timed ourselves and can ekoWorx Pro-Spray Mop a 2 bedroom house in under 10 minutes. All floors. Sparkling. AND DRY in seconds!! Time is money and floor mopping is perhaps the biggest time consuming factor in commercial cleaning!

CLEANER - Take the test - When you clean your floors for the first time with ekoWorx Spray Mop you’ll be amazed how much dirt is lifted up - even from “just cleaned” floors. The renowned lifting and suspending action of ekoWorx combined with the absorbing power of the Pro-Spray Mop ultra fibre pads delivers stunning results!

HEALTHIER - Using ekoWorx on your floors means no more toxic chemicals! And by eliminating tentacle mops you’re stopping the spread of nasty bugs and bacteria. 

SAFER - No more lugging heavy buckets around and creating slippery wet floors - reduce workplace injuries and OHS issues

Eco-LOGICAL! - Wash and re-use pads, eliminate water waste and toxic cleaning chemicals




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