Shipping Fees

We ship from Sydney with Australia Post's eParcel service and have a negotiated corporate rate which is uploaded to our web store and auto-calculated depending on your post code and the weight of your order.

If you live a long way from Sydney then Australia Post will charge us more than if you lived in Sydney. We have to pass those costs on as we run on razor margins as it is.

That said, there is a way you can significantly reduce your (per bundle) shipping costs - buy multiple bundles on the one order.


Here's an example of shipping costs for one order to Perth WA:

1 x ekoWorx pouch bundle (3 litre pouch, cloths and an atomiser) - $20

2 x ekoworx pouch bundles - $28 

3 x ekoWorx pouch bundles - $37


So as you can see, your per bundle shipping rate reduces down from $20 to a pinch over $12 per pouch bundle if you order three bundles at once. Don't want / need three bundles? Then how about find some friends/colleagues who can share the order with you? Sharing is caring afterall!!

Hope this helps! 




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